Early Life on Earth

UCLA IGPP Center for Astrobiology

As the name suggests, this is quite a technical site but it is well worth taking the time and trouble. It goes into the early environment that enabled life to begin and those first vital steps.

Wayne RESA - Origins of Life

This is part of the Wayne Regional Educational Agency site. Another technical site with a lot of meat. It has links to other academic sources and scientific publications.

Dawn of Animal Life

This is part of the Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada site. Although not as technical as the previous two sites, it is well illustrated and probably easier to comprehend for the general researcher.

Dry Dredgers

To give it its full title "The Dry Dredgers" is an association of amateur geologist and fossil collectors. A most informative site run by obvious fossil "nuts." A comprehensive number of U.S. regional links.

The Origin of Life on Earth

This is a one man-site by Leslie E. Orgel. Very technical but informative. Just a small thing - the repidly moving title bar at the top can become a little distracting!

The Development of Life on Earth and the Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence

Not the shortest title for a website but well worth a look. No only does it deal with life on earth but it considers the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

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