There are many very good genealogy websites that have hundreds of thousands of individuals in their database. One I know of has over three million! These are what might be call "Black Hole" sites, swallowing up genealogical tables as a Black Hole might envelope passing stars. This database features the product of one, single marriage - that of WILLIAM, Duke of Normandy, King of England, and Matilda, daughter of Baldwin, Count of Flanders. If you find a link from your family to this site then you can leap back a thousand years!


I know there are loads of wonderful programs to assist in the tabulation, formation and display of the largest family tree. I have probably played with most of them. Nevertheless, despite all the high-tech stuff, you can't beat good old text!

I have therefore made yet another attempt the produce the Descendants of William the Conqueror in text form. I realise this is going to mean one hell of a lot of work for me but you are welcome to use any data for your family history research, or, if you are a student, for your history and degree projects or just for interest. That is what it is there for! Commercial use or wholesale use on other websites is not acceptable without express permission as it infringes the normal copyright rules for websites.

This will grow with the passing of time so keep it safe in your Bookmarks.

When you see "ISSUE SEE" it means that I have the information but have yet to add it to the site - please be patient! If you come across "Issue" it means that I have not done the research or I can't find the descendants concerned. If you have any information please contact me. To follow a line back to the Conqueror just click on the first name in each section and you will eventually get there!

With regard to European lines, I had attempted to keep the names in the language of the individual or in the language of the country to which they are related. As there is a large amount of inter marriage there are cases where a person may appear twice and the name will be, say, in French in one section and German in another. Confusing isn't it? I have, however, tried to cross-reference these individuals where possible. Should you spot any anomalies please email me!

Without a further ado, step into the world of genealogical history, into lives long ended and many long forgotten. You never know, one of them may be your ancestor; a little of their blood may flow in your veins and in the veins of your children.


The William the Conqueror Database


A word of advice when using the search engine. Always search by surname. Don't search for, say, John. There are thousands of Johns on the site and you will be wasting your time!!


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Cyndi's List

Family Record Centre - London

Free BMD


General Record Office - Births, Marriages & Deaths

The National Archives


Family Search


Society of Genealogists

I have yet to use bmd-certificates myself but if you live in the Outback of Australia then £25.00 seems a good deal!

 Home Advisor - Guide to Genealogy

This is a US site which should be useful to all those on your side of the pond!


An Online Gotha

An excellent site with masses of information on all the Royal Houses of Europe plus some noble families. Unfortunately they are not hyperlinked and while some female members of families have issue, this is not obvious. You have to go hunting for them in other families.

Paul Theroffs Royal Genealogy Site

Both An online Gotha and this site are run by Paul Theroff. Both sites are very useful. The “Files”, as its name suggests, has loads of files, most of which you can download to your own computer. These two sites are good starting points for anyone researching European Royalty. is constructed by Brigite Gastel Lloyd. This is a massive site on which you can spend hours just wondering around, no doubt, forgetting your original target! The format takes a little getting used to but it is well worth it. One of the best.

Roglo Genealogical Database

I have watch this site grow from a mere 250,000 individuals to over two million! I think it’s the product of several researchers’ efforts. Although very good, it is not complete. There are many people missing but it is easy to move around. The pictures are a pleasing addition. It provides a very good guide to those interested in European royalty and nobility.

Genealogy EU

Run by Miroslav Marek of Czechoslovakia, this is one of the best sites around. Constructed in text form, it is easy to move around, there are new noble families almost every day and some great photos of Miroslav’s little son! Put it in your favourites—it’s a must.


A site run by Darryl Lundy of Wellington, New Zealand. He strikes me as the sort of guy who would go ecstatic over any genealogical table—a man after my own heart! Brilliant site, it’s big and detailed. It deserved far greater attention than its counter shows.

Netty's Royal Page

The next four sites I term as the Benelux Musketeers. Four real enthusiasts who have great sites and really care about the interest. They are all friends and very helpful should you need advice. If you want to know what is going on in the world of royalty and nobility, Netty is the girl for you!

Hein's Royal Genealogy Page

Hein is a friend of Netty. This is a text based site with particular concentration on the various monarchies over the last 150 years. More up-to-date information is often difficult to come by than the older stuff that can be found in books. It has a number of different layers so be careful not to miss things. He also initially helped me with advice on my original web site. Pity about the pop-ups!

Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies Page

The third member of the Benelux group, Henri, has a large number of very detailed text charts. There are also numerous pictures—unfortunately this tends to slow the loading but it is worth the wait. Most of the tabulations run from the 17/18th century. The pop-ups can be a pain but just ignore them.

Verena's Royal Genealogical and Photo Homepage

Verena is the final member of the Benelux quartet. Her emphasis is on photographs of the present European Royals. The databases are very much of the 20th century. If you want to put a face to a name then Verena is your girl.

The Royal Families of England, Scotland & Wales

This is an unusual site based on an 1851 publication of Burke’s. I have seen the original at the Society of Genealogists in London. The site is run by the mysterious Maximilian who has several other databases in the net—one of which you have to pay to use. This is a useful site but to pay? Not my style!

Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili Italiane

It would appear that Davide Shamà, who has constructed this excellent site, has had problems with wholesale copying of his material hence the new registration procedure. While this is a pain, I would suggest you contact Davide for advice on how to complete the registration form, as it is not as obvious as it would seem. It is, however, worth the trouble as the site contains a wealth of information on Italian nobility.

Sangre do los Godos

Luc Frere (no relation as far as I know) is another mad enthusiast (there are so many of us about!). He has concentrated on the nobility of Spain. This is strange as Luc is Belgian! There is also an enormous (and I mean enormous) piece of work on the descendants of Philippe I von Habsburg. It goes on for ever!

Genealogy of Richilde de Hainaut, La Grande Countess

This website is the creation of Luc Frere, a genealogist who can be highly trusted. It serves as a gateway to his database held on GeneaNet. You will find lines back to Charlemagne the Great and forward to the present day. Luc and I have known each other (cyberwise!) for some years and have swapped information many times.

Leo's Genealogics Website

Leo is another Dutch genealogist who now lives in Australia. His site has the most comprehensive collection of likenesses of royals and nobles I have come across. Be warned - If you want to use any of them, ask him first. It’s only common courtesy. Sadly, Leo passed away in August 2016. He will be much missed in the genealogy world. He was a great help when I was first setting up this website. R.I.P.

Descendents of Edward III

This site belongs to Barry Noonan, of Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. His assistance is much appreciated with regard to updates from his database of information taken from the B., M. & D. entries in the London Times Newspaper.

Enciclopedia genealogica del Mediterraneo

This is a new site to me and was sent to me by a kind correspondent. The island of Malta has had a stormy history over the centuries which is reflected in its genealogy. The site owner is Charles Said-Vassallo and he has produced an excellent and informative project. Anyone whose ancestry is touched by the island must visit its numerous pages.

There are many, many more sites available on the net in this particular field of Genealogy but these will keep you going for the moment.

The Internet can give you a taste - books give you the full meal!

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