Walking with Dinosaurs

A fantastic sites with beautiful graphics and a veritable monster amount of information!

Dino Dictionary

If you are looking for a dinosaur you are going to find it here - no problem.

Dino Clipart

If you are looking for an image to spice up your graphic display then go no further.

Classroom Clipart - Dinosaurs

Here are some more clips for you to play with.

U.S. National Park Service - Dinosaur Page

Not bad but I have this feeling that more could have been made of this site. With the masses of fossils sources in North America, I expected it to be better.

USGS Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction

The graphics are not what you might call eyecatching but there is quite a bit of information.


This is a super site of youngsters and oldies alike. Another very good product from Enchanted Learning.

BBC Science & Nature: Dinosaurs

As usual, the BBC come up trumps wiith an excellent display.

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