There are masses of beautifully crafted and informative sites out there on early and pre-historic man. I have therefore graded then "A", "B" or "C." For a site to be graded "C" does not mean it is bad, it just means that, in my humble opinion, it is not quite as good or as easy to use as "A" or "B." You may think differently!

Becoming Human

I must admit this is the best site I've come across and it has that giant of the science Don Johanson as your guide! You will need a broadband connection. Grade A

Institute of Human origins

This is part of the Arizona State University site (where Don Johanson is Director). It has some information on "Lucy." Grade C.

The Leakey Foundation

When it comes to the study of early man they don't come any bigger than the Leakey Family. I have three books by various members. They come very close to Dart and Broome in the story of man's origin in Africa. Grade B.

Human Origins Program

A part of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, this site has bags of information and news on the latest digs around the world. Grade B.

BBC Science & Nature: Human Evolution.

The usual BBC high standard of information and graphics. Grade B.

Archaeology Info - The New face of Human Evolution

I like this site. It is packed full of straight forward, no frills information. Grade A.

Handprint Media - Human Evolution

A small but informative page. Grade C.

Evolution's Arrow

John Stewart, the creator of the site, is a member of a research group at the Free University, Brussels. It traces the evolution of society rather than man's physical development. I enjoyed wondering through its pages. Grade A.

Human Prehistory: An Exhibition

A good, small site with some useful links at the end. Grade C.

Peter Brown's Australian & Asian


This site appears to have a well illustrated collection of finds in that part of the world. Grade B.

Hominid Sites around the World

Good site but will be better when finished. One small moan - black background and dark text makes it difficult for my old eyes! Grade C (B when completed).

Human Evolution - Ecotao Project

A very good site from the content point of view. However, you have to keep using the bottom scroll bar, some of the graphics don't work and that flaming, flashing menu can drive you up the wall. Apart from that - Grade B.

The Caves of Lascaux

This monument to man's early artistry deserves a better site. The content is fine, it's the long time you wait for parts of it to load that tends to send you to sleep. Grade B.

Stone Age Habitats

I like this - simple, informative, does what it says on the can! Grade A.

Stone Age Hand-axes

Companion page of the one above and just as good. Grade A.

The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-D'Arc

Fine site. I enjoyed the conducted tour. Grade B.

Channel 4 - Neanderthal

Obviously if you have not seen the programmes then the site would not mean quite so much - fortunately I have! Grade A/B

Prehistoric Art

This is one heck of a site. Just set aside a couple of hours to wonder through the never-ending pages. By the end you will feel you can shake hands with your ancestors. Alright, so it's a links site but so is this! Grade A+.

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