Alan's Rant

23 November 2016

It just goes to show that the US electoral system can put a monkey in the White House!!

11 October 2016

Putin is the new Hitler. Short of war, and that’s what the Russians are counting on, we and all civilised nations must completely isolate the Russians diplomatically, economically and socially. No World Cup, no inclusion of their teams in any sports events, no invitation to any international event anywhere in the world. Withdrawn ambassadors. Throw out Russian ambassadors from ALL civilised nations.

Indict Putin and Assad for war crimes and try them in absentia. Issue a world arrest warrant for their arrest. They can never leave their countries without facing justice.


 12 June 2016

Having watched a number of outside broadcasts of people being questioned on their preference on membership of the European Union, it would seem that leaving the EU is the panacea of all ills! Everything from the future economy of this country to the state of the roads, quality of the fish and chips from the local "Chippie," the price of take away food and the weather. I sometimes question the intelligence of my fellow citizens. Can people really be that thick? It would seem so!

Let me make a prediction. I predict that if the people of Britain vote to come out of the EU, these same people, within two years, will be throwing their toys out the pram because all these problems have not been miraculously solved!!

There is an elephant in the room. If there is a vote to come out, I further predict that the SNP will have a second vote to leave the United Kingdom and this time it will pass.

I will, of course, say, "I told you so."

A vote out of the EU is also the road to the end of the UK.

Think on!

4 June 2016

I have never been an overwhelming friend of the European Union. It has very many faults that need to be changed. Nevertheless, I favour the United Kingdom remaining in the EU on economic grounds. I remember President Clinton's maxim "It's the Economy Stupid." Those against membership have lost the economic argument so they have fallen back on the let’s all hate Johnnie foreigner. The British are better than that. We have heard from the Bank of England, IMF, OECD, seven previous heads of NATO, the USA, our Commonwealth colleagues, previous heads of MI5 and MI6, all of whom are against us coming out. What do we have on the other side – a Buffoon (Boris Johnson), a non-entity (Ian Duncan Smith) and a fool (Michael Gove). It’s a no brainer. REMAIN!!


If the EU wanted Britain out of the community the bureaucrats in Brussels could not have done more than by dumping a £1.7 billion bill on us for the ineffectual, non-actions of France and other members. I have always been in favour of the EU as a trading organisation and this is what I originally voted for back in the 70’s. This is no longer the organisation we voted to join.

Financially the Community has been a disaster. Not one single year’s accounts have been signed off. It is totally inefficient and questionably corrupt.

I am rapidly coming round to the conclusion that it is time to leave. An exit would probably be beneficial to such countries as Greece, Italy and Spain. With their own currencies they can let them float and not be chained to the inflated German Euro. The massive problems of a couple of years ago have not been solved. The can has merely been kicked down the road – unfortunately the road is running out. It’s like the man who jumped off the Empire State Building. As he passed the 25th floor he was heard to say, “So far, so good!”

The United States of Europe has not and will not work and was never the original intention of the founders of the Community. The Community has been a success in some areas but these could have been agreed within a trade organisation. It did not need this monster of a juggernaut.



I have spent some time this last week taking in the various speeches in the Labour Party Conference. It is amazing how naive seemingly intelligent people can be. Promises from the Boy Miliband, Balls and Burnham with no indication on how these will be paid for seemed to be their discredited theme. We know that the economy and immigration, two of the main topics which interest the British people, were "forgotten" by the Boy in his keynote speech.

Sadly, that is several hours of my life I will not get back.

Should the British electorate be so deluded to votes for this rag-tag band of failed politicians, or for UKIP, which amounts to the same thing, God help us all!!


With the Scottish referendum over and Scotland back in the fold of the United Kingdom, it is reasonable to thank those who worked hard to keep the nation together. The Boy Miliband did that yesterday at the Labour Party conference. He lauded the efforts of six Labour politicians including the Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont and, of course, Alistair Daring who headed up the Better Together campaign.

There was, however, one glaring and significant omission – Gordon Brown!! God knows, anyone who has followed my rants in the past will know that Gordon Brown would not win my vote for Man of the Year, or any vote for that matter. Nevertheless the guy did make a dramatic and vote swinging intervention into the campaign in the last two weeks before the R day. He virtually took over the NO camp with good old passionate hustings speeches from the heart. He punched fists, shouted and even bellowed his message.

This all appears to have escaped the attention of the Boy Miliband. When this matter was raised a Scottish Labour source said any omission was likely to have been accidental – Yes, course it was!!!!

Perhaps that says more about Miliband than old, grizzled Gordon.



I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the price for keeping Scotland in the Union is too high. Let them have their independence, then they will only have them self to blame when it all goes pear shaped! Salmond will, of course, blame everyone else. Not being allowed to keep the pound; not being allowed to join the EU; not being able to borrow the money to finance all their promises.

 Salmond is a political thug whose tactics are intimidation, lies and threats. The Scots are welcome to this nationalistic, bigoted, egotistical cretin together with his female poodle.



Scotland could be a foreign country in two weeks time. The first thing England will have to do is erect a new Hadrian's wall. The border with Scotland will constitute a major weak point in keeping illegal immigrants out of the UK. Scotland will not be a member of the EU and so any citizen of Scotland will need a visa to enter England. Every road crossing the border will have to be blocked or controlled.

The independence nutters will be building a whole economy on a depreciating asset - North Sea oil and gas. They will be condemning future Scottish generations to poverty and a Balkan type state. Every large company will move out of Scotland, naval shipbuilding will move to Portsmouth or Barrow in Furness as will the nuclear submarine base. In a few years the only exports Scotland will have will be whiskey, a falling amount of oil and gas, Tourist, grouse and haggis.

One big advantage in Scottish independence is that the rest of the UK will never have to suffer another Labour government as they supply over 40 Labour MPs to Westminster.

Why am I warning against it? With this last thought, I wish I had a vote to support it!!!! At least we will get rid of all these winging nationalist. Alex Salmond sees himself as a latter day William Wallace and we all know what happened to him - hanged, drawn and quartered. It was one of the few thing Mel Gibson got right in Braveheart. Where's Edward I when we need him??


Never trust a Russian political! Russia has only experienced a very brief period of democracy immediately after the collapse of Communism. The rest of its history has been under a totalitarian regime of one sort or another. We should ban all traffic from Russia both in the form of people and trade; freeze all Russian assets in the West; dismiss them from the Security Council of the United Nations. Putin is nothing more than a secret service thug. I find it amazing that, one assumes, sensible people can vote to join a dictatorship and throw away their freedom! The Russian government is run by the old KGB and the economy is permeated by the Russian Mafia. The country is politically, socially and financially riddled with corruption.

If anyone thought the “Cold War” was over – think again!!



It is so sad to hear of the death of Phil Everly. Part of my youth has gone. With his brother he was arguably, viewed for the long term, more influential than Elvis. I still listen to their music and have a CD on my iplayer. Few of my generation can help joining in when they hear that beautiful harmony.

His passing will be sadly seen as the end of that great transition that heralded the Beatles, Gee Gees and so on. Rest in Peace.


The US seems to be intent on diplomacy with a sledge hammer. Logic and common sense suggests that the only way to peace in Pakistan is by negotiations with the Taliban. Military means will never defeat the Taliban. So what does the US do when peace talks are on the horizon? They kill the Taliban leader; an attack carried out on the land of another sovereign state. It’s as if the US wants to keep the region in chaos. You may not like the people you are dealing with. Let’s face it, Putin isn’t a very nice person, but you still have to negotiate with him. So it is with the Taliban. The UK brought about peace in Northern Ireland by talking. Perhaps the US needs to stop being so arrogant in its foreign policy. Its control fixation needs to end. There are other interests in the world other than that of the US. It is acts like this that make the US so unpopular in certain parts of the world. America is seen as domineering, interfering and arrogant. It may not be intended; it may not even be perceived at home, but that is how it is perceived abroad. There is a saying in the rest of the world, "For the American, if it doesn't happen in the US, it doesn't happen!" The ordinary American needs to realise there is a whole world out there and there are other ways of doing things other than the American way. If power is to be successful it has to be exercised with restraint and sensitivity, not as a blunt force tumour! I am a friend of the US; there are many wonderful elements to the country but it must listen more and act less. Ordinary Americans must look outward. Europeans are all part of a larger entity and have, over a thousand years of history, had to work with others to live. Alright, we haven't always got it right - in fact we have frequently got it wrong but we have managed to learn from our mistakes. The perception from the outside is that Americans regard themselves as isolated, independent, singular, even insulated. They are not. The Americans want to be liked and it comes as a shock when they realise that in many parts of the world, they are not. Think first, act with restraint and, above all, talk!



I see that today the boy Milliband has purges the remaining Blairites from his shadow cabinet – just as he was instructed to do a couple of months ago by his boss, red Len McCluskey. It must be very satisfying for the unions to know they have the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition on the end of a rope! This afternoon the Labour Party has moved from left of centre to just left. Ralph Milliband, that well known Marxist, must be so proud of his son, Comrade Ed!!

“Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, /We’ll keep the red flag flying here.” Get used to it because that’s what’s coming if Labour get back into power brothers and sister!



Every US citizen should email, telephone or write to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Andrew Boehner, demanding a vote on the budget. He and, it would appear to an outsider like me, he alone is holding up the government of the most powerful country in world from functioning because of the mad, imbecilic Tea Party. These people are so right wing they are on the verge of neo-fascists. The Statue of Liberty says "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." How does that set with a country where your survival of cancer depends on the size of your wallet? Think about it!!! In the UK we have the National Health Service. It may have its faults but at least I know that if I should be unfortunate to suffer from that disease, my treatment would be as good as the CEO of the largest company or the richest lawyer in the country. Think of a small child from a poor home with leukaemia. The odds are that in the US he or she would die. In the UK he or she could become a captain of industry or Prime Minister. I am so glad I was born in the UK and not the USA. We may moan about many things but when it comes down to it, we are very lucky to be British!!


Once again the Republican Party have proved they don’t have a brain cell between them. If the US voter has any sense they will vote these pea-brained, mentally challenged, cretinus, Neanderthal (sorry, that’s an insult to Neanderthals) morons out of office and replace them with grown-up adults!


I have just listened to the boy Milliband's speech at the Labour Party Conference. I always thought that the leaders of major political parties had to be reasonably intelligent. Alright, Gordon Browne could be considered an exception, but he has now been joined the Little Ed and his pet dog, bulls eye Balls. Their plans for the future of this country seems to have been cobbled together by a couple of presenters from CBeebies. They seem to be living in fairyland. That has always been the trouble with Labour - they have no grasp on reality (or arithmetic!) and that fundamental fault always ends in disaster and the Conservatives are left to pick up the pieces. Again!! If you are a voter, remember this simple fact as you cast your vote in 2015.


Further to my note below: Yesterday the majority of the House of Commons voted in favour of the Assad regime in Syria. There is no other way of viewing such a shameful exhibition of weak, cowardly action. I am ashamed of the Parliament that runs my country. These fat, well feed representative of democracy are no doubt happy to see children burned to death as they were last night.

Perhaps we should strike the "Great" from Great Britain and substitute "Servile." Assad must be laughing his socks off,

This was badly done and a shameful day in this country's history.

29 August 2013

Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The last time the House of Commons voted for appeasement it cost 50 million lives and changed the face of the world for the worse. My fear is the weak and spineless ones will out vote those who hold for the right and that their weakness will bring about regret for all of us.

12 April 2013

Since the murders at Newtown, Connecticut, five months ago, over three thousand Americans have died as a result on gun crime. That is more than the number killed on 9/11. That is more than the number killed in Northern Ireland over 20 years of the Troubles and Presidents and Senators fell over themselves to help find a solution. Yet this terrible toll of death is regarded as accepted to preserve the right to carry a gun. Since when has the right to kill someone been a democratic right?  It’s not rocket science – get rid of the guns! Just as slavery was the sleeping serpent under the table at the signing of the Constitution of the United States, so the gun law is the serpent under the table of the modern USA.


8 April 2013

Today Great Britain has lost a great Briton. Margaret Thatcher was, without doubt, the greatest peacetime Prime Minister of the twentieth century. I can still remember the massive relief in 1979 when she won the general election. Britain had been wallowing in the economic grip of the communist trade unions which had made us the “sick man of Europe.” This culminated in the “winter of discontent” in 1978 when the trade unions held the country to ransom. Margaret Thatcher ended all that. She saved this country.

She also reflected the suspicion of most British people concerning the European Community. We saw it, and still do, as an economic grouping of friendly trading partners; not an overbearing, dictatorial, non-elected power intent on external control of a sovereign power. She refused to allow the creeping bureaucracy of Brussels to take over areas of government for which we had not voted.

Margaret Thatcher played a vital part in winning the Cold War. It was her who invited Gorbachev to London and said, “I can do business with this man.” Her lead encouraged President Ragan to talk and negotiate with this new, emerging Russia and both Thatcher and Ragan oversaw the collapse of Communism. It is a pity that this new dawn ended with Putin.

Finally, her finest hour. When the military dictators of Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, despite opposition from many of our allies, Margaret Thatcher led this country to yet another victory over fascism.

There are people in this country who hate Margaret Thatcher. That is their privilege and their freedom to express that hatred would have been defended by her to her last breath. 

Sadly that last breath has come and the world is poorer for it.


2 March 2013

There is a new definition of the word “Cretin” in the US Dictionary. It is “One who is a Republican member of Congress!”

24 January 2013

The reaction of Germany and France to David Cameron’s speech brings home to all what a Franco-German club the European Union has become. The time has come for the lesser countries to stand up for themselves and back Great Britain. All the regulation impregnated institutions of the EU are all slanted in favour these two. Germany holds the purse strings of a budget that has not been signed off by independent auditors for more than ten years. What organisation, private or public, can get away with such a failure? It is an indication of widespread corruption and sloppy accounting. Brussels EU bureaucracy justify their existence by issuing masses of directives which merely stifle trade, shackle business and increase the need for monitoring – thus creating more Brussels bureaucrats!

The EU is in desperate need of fundamental reform. The resent, AND CONTINUING, crisis over the Euro has not been solved, merely kicked down the road. The fact that matters concerning the Euro have gone quiet for the moment does not made the problem go away. The Euro is the elephant in the room and will return in a more extreme form in the future if it is not solved NOW. The creation of the Euro was political decision when it should have been made on economic grounds. You can not have a single currency without a single economy. From the mid 1990s to the mid-2000s a period of prosperity would have been an ideal time to harmonise the various members’ economies. Nothing was done! Germany has profited by the increased internal trade but is unwilling to pay the price of the single currency, while the countries in receipt of that trade find themselves up to their neck in debt attempting to pay for these goods.

The EU is a mess and any continental politician who thinks otherwise is not only sticking their heads in the sand but are criminally incompetent.


22 December 2012

The N.R.A.’s response to the terrible, tragic shooting at Newton is to put armed police into every school in the United States. In other words their answer is to introduce even more guns!

Either the N.R.A. has completely lost the plot or they are a sad, sick collection of very dangerous cretins.

Again, as a mere one of a large majority of outsiders, the US appears to have something sick at the root of their society. The time of Dodge City, Tombstone and the Gunfight at the OK Coral should be long gone. If a society needs to carry guns to protect it from fellow citizens, then some fundamental thought is required. People power needs to make itself heard. Every sensible, right-minded citizen should be hammering on the door of their political representatives, and keep hammering, until the gun is banned.

New York has more gun crime in a week than the whole of the UK in a year. We are not perfect by any means but I’m sure every US man, woman and child would prefer to live in that kind of safer society.


15 December 2012

I am 64 year of age and have never held a gun, let alone fired one. None of my relations, with the exception of my late father who was in the Royal Navy, have handled or fired a gun. As a British citizen I find it impossible to understand the US fixation with firearms. In one of the news reports from the States it was suggested that guns should be issued to teachers for the protection of themselves and their children. Can you honestly countenance a teacher, standing at the front of a class of five year olds, packing a gun? If you can then the world has gone mad.

The argument put forward by the anti-gun control is that it is the people, not the guns that kill people. Surely if the guns weren’t available, the chances of killing someone would be massively reduced.

Charlton Heston once said that they would take his gun from his cold, dead hand! They are now taking them from the cold, dead hands of children. The United States is the leader of the free world but just as slavery was the sleeping serpent present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, so guns are at the essence of a deep sickness in that society.

I am an outsider, living in England, and come from a different society from the United States, but the general opinion of those looking in is that there is a sickness within that society that will not be solved until some brave person grasps the nettle to smash this ridicules right to bare arms. Mark Twain once said that the right to free speech did not extend to the right to cry “Fire” in a crowded theatre. This tragedy must be the catalyst that starts the demise of the stupid, archaic and infinitely dangerous gun laws. How many more innocent children must die before the dinosaurs are defied and the gun is outlawed?


10 December 2012

Yesterday was a sad day. Sir Patrick Moore, the astronomer and broadcaster died aged 89.

Like so many of my generation, I would beg my parents to allow me to stay up late to watch “The Sky at Night” on BBC television. Indeed, it was often the only sanction that would ensure good behaviour!

Sir Patrick has been the face of astronomy for well over half a century, always looking for something new, always talking with that unique clarity of explanation. He was the last of the old-style English eccentrics with his monocle and tarsal hair.

I went outside this morning at 6:30. The sky was beautifully clear and full of stars. There was a perfect new moon illuminating the early morning, just before dawn. I thought, “How appropriate!”

Rest in peace Patrick and may you ever be among the stars.


23 October 2012

The death has been announced of the Last of the Few. William Walker,  one of the very last of the last surviving Battle of Britain pilot, died on Sunday 21st., seventy-two years after he and his oh-so-few colleagues saved Great Britain and the rest of the civilized world from tyranny. When you look back on those times it puts the present-day problems into proportion. I hoped we and our children have their strength of character to stand up to wrong and the courage to fight for the right.

15 September 2012

The Closer rag in France and now the Irish version of the Daily Star have published the photos of Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I think it says far more about these cretinus publications than the duchess. I understand that the Italian magazine Chi is preparing to publish. I wonder how many of the editors and CEOs of these organisations would like to plaster their daughters and wives, topless all over their pointless and puerile comics. Why don't the UK Security forces do a similar exercise on them and then flood the internet with their images. If the law can not protect then, perhaps, there are other means of destroying these no-entities. Attacks on their websites etc. Just a thought for anyone who has the means and skill. Go to it!!!

13 August 2012

London 2012 -  what a wonderful, wonderful party! Nailed to my seat for two whole weeks except when I went down to the bottom of my road to cheer the road cyclists on the first Saturday and Sunday. Fantastic!! Congratulations to everyone involved from Lord Coe to the litter picker-upers. It makes me proud to be British.

30 June 2012

Having worked in the banking industry for 33 years (1966-99), it greaves and angers me to see what was a pillar of the community reduced to a bunch of dishonest, greedy, self-seeking crooks. The vast majority of those working in the branches are just like you and me. They are pressurised by their bosses to sell, sell, sell no matter if the customer needs the product or not.

We now have a case of global fraud in the fixing of the LIBOR rate. To most people LIBOR is a mystery but this rate determines the price of most things. It determines the cost of all lending rates which, in turn, substantially affects the cost of everything we buy and not just financial products. If the manufacturer or provider of a product or service borrows money to carry out its business, then LIBOR affects you and me. This must be regarded as a criminal offence and those responsible must go to jail. If it can be proved that the higher management had knowledge of the practice, they should also be criminally prosecuted. If they didn’t know, then they should be fired for their own ignorance.

I have watched over the last ten/twelve years as the industry has been dragged down into the dirt by people who are not true bankers. The culture of service to the public and customers, selling the services the customer needs and a reputation for honesty has been destroyed by these crooks. Other members of my family are bankers all, sadly, retired. We need to return to the old culture when you asked a banker a question and received an honest answer, not a selling slanted reply. Come back Mr. Mainwaring, all is forgiven!

27 May 2012

If the Russians and Chinese continue to support the murderous Syrian regime then they too have the blood of the innocent on their hands. The Syrian government is run on Hitlerite principles and should be obliterated from the face of a civilised earth.

5 May 2012

I wonder if anyone can explain how an electorate can vote for a party (Labour) who brought this country to its knees against the party (Conservative) who is trying to solve the disaster that is the British economy. Labour seem to believe that a defeat in a General Election can some how obliterate a decade of blind mis-management. Labour have no policy other than opposing those of the coalition government. They present no alternative other than “we would go for growth.” The “How” never enters their rhetoric. Words are cheap – just like the boy Milliband!

5 April 2012

Sky News has admitted that they have hacked the emails of two individuals because they suspected they were involved in criminal activities. They have justified their actions as being "in the public interest." Since when has it been a television channel's prerogative in determining the public interest. The only people who should have the legal right to carry out such action are the national authorities and only then if they are back by a warrant from a judge. "In the public interest" can not and must not be the coverall for members of the media to justify breaking the law.

26 March 2012

Once again the well known communist, cretin Len McCluskey attempts to damage the economy of this country. It's about time this red traitor was place in the Tower and prosecuted for treason.

29 February 2012

That well known cretin and union leader, Len McCluskey, has called for a time of civil disobedience to disrupt this summer's Olympics. The man should be locked away as a lunatic for only a lunatic or a traitor would make such a suggestion. There could well be a case for locking him away for his own safety. I would chain him to a post outside the Olympic stadium and let the world's sports fans decide his fate!


25 February 2012

Once again the UK government has failed to defend a British citizen from the rapacious, frequently floored, US legal system. If we were to accuse a US citizen of a crime, would they willingly surrender that person to the UK government without any presentation of evidence? Of course not! So why should we? This treaty between the UK and the USA is fundamentally wrong. It violates a citizen’s human rights. Having said that, Mr Christopher Tappin is not an Islamic terrorist so he therefore has no human right!


10 February 2012

  1. The National Secular Society has won a test case to outlaw prayers before local council meetings. How ridicules! If an individual doesn’t wish to participate then they don’t have to – and I’m an atheist!
  1. Tragic as the mass murder is in Syria, it is strange when Syrians shout, “Where is the UN; where is the United States?” I can remember when citizens of Arab countries danced in the street at 9/11 and 7/7. They need to sort themselves out and should be shouting, “Where is Saudi Arabia?”
  2. Argentina accuses Great Britain on colonialism. Have they not read the UN treaty? It states that people have the right to determine their own future and government. As the Falklanders wish to remain British then the only colonialists are the Argentineans.


7 February 2012

Russia and China have innocent Syrian blood on their hands. They are as guilty as that animal in Damascus.

13 December 2011

Britain is the second largest net contributor to the EU budget. Over £250 for every household in the UK goes to the money pit that is the EU. The greatest sink of the budget is the Common Agricultural Policy. Between them Germany and France get 36% of the CAP pot; Britain gets 9%.

If Britain were to pull out of the EU there would be an enormous black hole in the budget.

They need Britain in the EU as a primary financial contributor. Perhaps they should think twice before they throw their weight around.

The situation regarding the Euro have not changes one jot since the beginning of last week. The summit that was billed to solve the Euro Crisis has done absolutely nothing. All you need to do is keep and eye on the markets. Sarkozy and Merkel have solved nothing except upset the British – never a wise thing to do!!


10 December 2011

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that Frederick the Great of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, King Louis XIV and The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte were all standing around a table on which stood a pile of Euro bank notes. They all looked at each other and, in unison, said, “Why didn’t we think of that?” 

No doubt Mr Sarkozy will return to Paris, waving a piece of paper saying, “Economic peace in our time!” 

The tragedy is that this latest summit has solved nothing. The economic dos and don’ts are little different from the Maastricht treaty. And what happened then? The first nation to break the rules was Germany! From then on they weren’t worth the paper they were written on. 

This “new” treaty will not come into force for another ten years. It will take that long before the collective debt of the euro zone is under control. I just hope that the other countries in the euro zone will see the light before they are totally under the thumb of the German rotvila and its French poodle. 

Well done David Cameron! We have stood alone before and we can do it again. When we originally joined the European Economic Community back in the 70’s it was a free trade area, not a Germano Franco Empire. 

I give the Euro five years. In the course of the next two weeks the financial markets will twig this is mere window dressing and the euro bond market will come under heavy pressure again. Sarkozy and Merkel face elections in the next 12 months. Both the Germans and the French are proud peoples. The Germans will kick against paying for the foolishness of others and the French will buck against German domination.

 As the Chinese say, we live in interesting times! Provided Britain is true to itself, we will come through this with our independence, reputation and integrity in tact.


22 October 2011

The United Nations is calling for a detailed enquiry in to the death of Gaddafi. I don’t recall the UN falling over themselves demanding enquiries in to the deaths of the tens of thousands this unlamented mass murderer killed. Why go through the farce of a trial when a simple bullet will solve the problem. Let’s face it, there can hardly be any doubt as to his guilt.

25 September 2011

How come the boy Milliband has all these airy-fairy ideas all of a sudden when he and his little friends had none of these when they were in power. To cut university fees and finance it by taxes on companies means that all these graduates will have no jobs to go to.

At the labour conference today the boy Miliband has urged the government to go for broke! I thought Gordon Brown did that!!!

23 September 2011

The Euro was never going to work. It is impossible to have one currency with many separate economies. At the moment the politicians in both Europe and the US are more concerned for their own parochial matters (imminent elections with regards to Germany and France, and the mad right in the US) than the welfare of the overall economy. They seem to be willing to sacrifice the common good in favour of their own selfish political ambitions.

There is a danger that if action to solve the sovereign debt problem is not taken (and it’s not rocket science) we will find ourselves in a 1931 situation. The world will not forgive those politicians for fiddling while the global economy Rome burns.

A best we all have a long, hard journey back to prosperity, probably beyond a five year period. At worst we face a global economic collapse with all the hardships and social unrest that suggests. The inaction of the 1930’s ended up with a world war.

I will predict that the euro will not exist in five years time.

8 August 2011

The filth that are rioting and looting in parts for London need to be treated as attempting to over-throw the state. Troops should be deployed together with armed police to shoot a dozen or so caught looting. They

 are cowards and it would soon stop. Turn off the mobile phone network in the area and take down the local internet system so they can’t communicate.


6 August 2011

Once more the lemmings are running the economic show of the world. Somebody is making a hell of a lot of money from speculation on the currencies. The markets are based on fear. They are like children

 throwing a tantrum in a supermarket; they make a lot of noise, create a scene over very little. The markets react on mere rumours not on facts. The governments of the world need to get together and outlaw

 speculation and jail the perpetrators.

The Euro zone needs to be scrapped. One currency covering umpteen economies was never going to work.

As for the rating agencies, these are the people who triple A-ed the junk bonds that started all this off. They have no right, indeed, no credibility to make any judgement on the time of day, let alone a country's



29 July 2011

Once again the insidious disease that is Sky TV has claimed another victim. Once again the fan has been ignored in favour of Sky money. So far Sky has ruined football, cricket and now Formula 1.

If I was a sponsor buying space on a car I would be furious as the number of people seeing my brand will be substantially reduced.

Anyone working with a Murdoch organisation will be tainted with the same brush. Do they really want such a relationship? Do the teams want that?

This is a serious mistake which the sport will regret. Bernie Ecclestone wants his cake and eat it. Greed is a short term solution. The sport will slowly decline over the next ten years.

I have followed motor racing since the days of Moss and Hawthorne. I am very disappointed with F1 and feel betrayed by the greed.


15 July 2011

If you wheeled influence by fear then, when the tables are turned, you must expect the knives to plunge into the back! For decades Murdoch has jetted around the world like some

 head of state expecting senior politicians to kowtow to him. No more. This pirate should disappear from public life and, if wrong doing is found to have happened in the US, the

 man should go to jail. The man has yet to apologise! As the great Lord Denning said, "Be you ever so mighty, the law is above!"

18 June 2011

A union leader has said that the proposed strike by public service workers at the end of this month would be the largest strike since the General Strike of 1926. He is obviously not a student of history or he would

know this the General Strike failed!!

31 May 2011

The decision by Germany to close all their nuclear power stations because of the tsunamis that hit the Japanese plants is like saying because the Titanic sank, no more ships should be built!

I thought the Germans had more sense. What are they going to do – cover the land with damn great propellers or use their vast reserves of coal?

FIFA – This gang of crooks should be thrown out and a new organisation built from scratch!


2 May 2011

At long last, after almost 10 years, justice has been done.

26 March 2001

The demonstration in London this weekend organised by the Unions is entitled a Campaign of the Alternative. Unfortunately these poor delusional, ignorant innocents do not have an “Alternative.” They seem to thing that if they stick their heads in the sand all will be well. They seem to be incapable in grasping the fact that this country is in one hell of a mess. We have had ten years of prosperity all bought on credit and supplied by the party that is cynically supporting this march.

Ed Milliband seems to think that, somehow, his party has no responsibility of the mess; that defeat in the last election has in some way shriven Labour from all guilt. The burning fact remains that every Labour government since the War has always run out of money and it has fallen to the Conservatives to sort out the financial mess.

If you wish to follow these deluded people, led by neo-communist leaders of the Unions, this country will end up like Iceland (that’s the country, not the shop!). If they think unemployment in high now, failure to implement the cuts would bring about a catastrophic economic collapse and unemployment would go through the roof.

The Unions are in this for political advantage, not for the welfare of their members or the country. These small-minded little men are ruled by a narrow dogma fifty years out-of-date and of proven futility.


19 March 2011

Just put a half a dozen Crews missiles in to Gaddafi's compound and blow the madman to pieces! You shot mad dogs!

14 March 2011

When Gaddafi and his thugs massacre the rebels in Benghazi, the blood may be on the hands of Gaddafi but the shame will be on those of the West and the United Nations.

11 March 2011

The prevarication over Libya is on the verge of becoming ridicules. The United Nations is, as usual, proving to be a waste of space. The Security Council is a toothless old woman. It very nearly messed up on Kosovo, it messed up in Ruanda and it is now doing the same in Libya. It’s not surprising that Russia and China would not vote for action against a fellow dictatorship.

It is time for NATO and the EU to act on their own. To hide behind the statement that there is a need for a UN resolution to make it legal is facile. It’s not a case of legality; it’s a case of RIGHT!!

23 January 2011

The trouble with banks these days is that they have become remote from the society in which they work. Most lending decisions are not made by the local manager but by a set of pre-determined criteria dictated by the centre (the computer says no!). When I was a manager I lent to the individual – that no longer happens. I gained my Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers exams which is the professional qualification. You could not become a manager without this qualification. Now it is rare to find a manager with this.

There was a joke going around at the height of the Credit Crunch. Of the CEOs of RBS, Lloyds Bank and the FSA and Terry Wogan, which one is the odd one out? The answer was Terry Wogan who was the only one with a banking qualification!!!!

The banks should be broken up. This would make them more answerable to the society they serve (emphasis on serve!), less arrogant and more knowledgeable of their customers. Get rid of all those so called highly skilled, talented people who very nearly brought down the world economy!

Finally, remove Angela Knight from the British Bankers Association. She comes across as arrogant and does the banking industry no favours. I doubt she has her ACIB!!!


16 January 2011

We are now entering the season of banker and financial institution bonuses. Here is an interesting thought. We are told that the bonuses are necessary or the skill and talent will walk out the door. Compare the share price of the main banks between today and 10/12 years ago. You will find there is very little difference! So the question arises who gains by the employment of these highly skilled people? The answer is simple – they do! The bonuses come from the balance sheets of the individual banks which means that the money is taken from the shareholders.

These investment bankers gamble with your and my money to make big profits (or losses) and then divide up the gain between themselves.

Shareholders need to confront the bank boards to control bonuses. It’s no good expecting a government to dictate to the bankers – it is not their place. It is the place of the shareholders.

As a shareholder in a bank and a retired banker who worked in the industry from 1966 to 2000, it pains me to see my industry sink from being a pillar of society to a load of charlatans.


25 December 2010

A Merry Christmas to you all.

At this time of year the Christian world celebrates the birth of its founder, an obscure son of a carpenter who became a Jewish fundamentalist and whose followers formed a new religious sect within the Jewish world.

All religion is the creation of man; a means of explaining what he does not understand and can not explain. Religion helps him place himself in the universe and provides the comfort and security of knowing there is a greater power overseeing his welfare and will eventually take care of him after the inevitable event of his death. I use the concept of “man” to include all of humanity.

It is unlikely that the historical Jesus was born in Bethlehem. There is no evidence that the Roman Emperor Tiberius called for a census in Palestine or anywhere else at that time. The Nativity story was a product of one gospel writer’s imagination to fit in with the Old Testament prophecies.

If it had not been for two men the small sect would have remained in the confines of Palestine. Saul of Tarsus, or Paul as he became known, virtually high jacked what was intended by its founder to be a reforming influence within Judaism and spread it across the Mediterranean world of the 1st century. He fell out with the family and friends of Jesus, the people with whom he lived, and moulded the anecdotes of Jesus’ life to his own purpose. The death of Jesus was a straightforward Roman execution of a political trouble maker. In the gospels, written by associates of Paul, there is no blame placed on Rome but on that of the Jewish establishment. Paul was, after all, a Roman citizen!

The second man to grab the religion by the scruff of the neck is the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. This very astute soldier and politician could see the inevitable decline of the Empire and needed a means of uniting it beyond the personal character of the emperor. The best way of doing that is the creation of, or the adoption of, an idea. To be successful the idea had to be under the control of the emperor and so the Council of Nicaea was call in 325. The presiding hand was not the Bishop of Rome or any other leader of the religion, but that of Constantine. It was he who “chaired” the council and nothing was established without his approval. It is interesting to note that Constantine did not convert to Christianity until 337 on his deathbed. It is questionable that this event was voluntary as he was unconscious for much of the time!

It was Nicaea that establishes the principle dogma of the Church; the divinity of Christ, the Holy Trinity; the hierarchical structure of the Church. Jesus was not regarded as part of the god-head, and therefore, not divine until three hundred years after his death. This would fit in nicely with the customs of the Roman Empire where emperors regularly created themselves as living gods.

Constantine’s idea of establishing a universal religion to help unify the empire in some ways succeeded and in some ways back fired. Within a hundred years the western empire collapsed in to chaos – but the Christian religion survived! This shows the strength of an idea over a political institution. The structure established at Nicaea proved enduring and provided the only means of holding civilisation, as it was at the time, in any semblance of order. It took a Frankish warlord in the form of Charlemagne the Great to repeat Constantine’s political genius and unite the political with the religious.

And so it has continued over the centuries, politics and religion supporting each other to their mutual benefit.

One question has repeatedly raised its ugly head in my mind at Christmas. As we see the pomp and ceremony of the Midnight Mass at St Peter’s in Rome, as we witness a similar event at Canterbury, with all the rich vestments and accoutrements, what would Jesus have thought?

I hope you enjoy the company of your family and friends at this time and have a prosperous and safe New Year!


11 December 2010

I have just seen a cretin named Michael Chessum on television from the student campaign refusing to condemn, in deed candidly supporting the violence that took place on Thursday. In the newspaper today there are two very real images. One is of a sad and confused little girl, clutching her teddy bear, waving at her father's coffin as it returns from Afghanistan; he was 22 years of age. The other is a thug swinging off on the Union Flag on the Cenotaph. When later interviewed, this moron, who could hardly string two coherent words together, said that everyone just wanted to "trash" things. He is the adopted son of a well known pop star and attends a college at Cambridge University. Which of these two young men have added value to our nation? Which of these two young men deserve our support and admiration - the young man who has given his life for our safety or the moron who desecrates a national monument? Need I say more?

10 December 2010

To see the Cenotaph desecrated by these thugs should bring shame to every English citizen. The Cenotaph is the national memorial to all those that died fighting for freedom – freedom for these cretins to protest, not to riot! They should be identified and flogged all the way down the Mall. They want to use violence - let them experience some. The thugs should count themselves as lucky. If this had happened in Spain or France, there would have been deaths.

9 December 2010

I am discussed to see riots committed by what we are told are the cream of our younger generation – they are nothing more than FILTH! Every single one of them should be thrown out of university. They do not deserve the educational chance given to them.

Apart from the unforgivable violence committed by these thuggish students, the saddest thing is that they are too thick to understand the details of the policy. A large proportion of these useless members of society will be better off under the new arrangements!

Why should the woman on the Tescos checkout, the man who collects your rubbish each week, the bus driver, myself and my two sons pay these individuals to take Mickey Mouse degrees such as Social Sciences, Media Studies etc.

Their actions are insurrection and should be stamped on with equal force. They should be contained and kept in the open all night, their details taken and removed from education.



2 December 2010

The 2018 World Cup Bid - we obviously didn't pay them enough!! The whole of FIFA needs to be investigated. Football, the beautiful game, has been hi-jacked by greed and corruption. It is no longer a sport, what with shadowy agents, obscene payments to players and bungs to the influential in the game, the true fans should desert the premier teams and give their loyalty to the humbler clubs. If crowds fall in the big clubs perhaps the Premiership and FIFA will get the message. We need to claim the game back from these corrupt, greedy fat cats and bring it back to where it belongs - the true fans. They have been exploited for far too long.

21 November 2010

Wednesday 24th November sees the anniversary of the publication of probably the most important book ever printed – The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.

Yes, I can hear the screams of the creationists on both sides of the Atlantic, waving their bibles in the air and pronouncing my inevitable consignment to the everlasting fires of hell. Well tough!!!

Evolution is not a theory, it is a fact and if a poor, deluded, group of people who are intellectually still steeped in the scientific conceptions of the 17th century wish to believe that the formulation of every atom in the universe was somehow “created” by an all powerful being, then they have my pity! No doubt they believe the earth is flat – it doesn’t change the fact that it is round.

I have just watched a discussion of the BBC in which a creationist, in all seriousness, stated that the universe was a mere 10,000 year old. And I saw Elvis last week in my local Tescos supermarket!!

This intellectual stand point brought about the burning of books and heretics. The great danger is that if these people gain positions of power and then start to dictate these crackpot pronouncements as fact, we might as well go back to eye of newt and toe of frog.

I should perhaps state my own belief position – I am an evangelical atheist!!

If you disagree, get your own website and have your say!!!!


1 November 2010

If you are American and feel offended by what follows then I apologise. This is, however, how many friends of America feel as they look at what is happening to our closest ally. If we can’t tell you, who can? 

I have been a political observer for almost fifty years. I have studied both the British and the American constitution and political system and have learned that anything can happen in politics.

America is the richest country in the world but it believes that the healthcare, the very survival of a citizen depends on the size of the individual’s wallet. The Tea Party calls that Communism!

The Tea Party blames the present economic situation on Obama. They, like the Labour Party in the UK, seem to forget that it was the Republicans, and the Labour Party, that brought about the disaster of 2008. It was the fact that Bush and his cronies got in to bed with the unacceptable face of capitalism and brought about the biggest crash since the 1930’s.

The Tea Party state that they are living in a tyranny. If they want to see a tyranny just go to North Korea. They oppose gun control – the right, one must assume, to kill your neighbour! The Tea Party liken Obama to Hitler. If he was a Hitler they would all be in concentration camps! The real villain in the whole affair is Murdoch’s Fox News. He and it play on fears and prejudices and the main tools of this fraud is Glen Beck and Sarah Palin.

Now, can American seriously imagine your country being run by Beck and Palin? The Bible belt of America is as fundamental as the extremes of Islam. America was founded on the principle of a separation of Church and State. Sorry, I’m almost drowning in the crocodile tears of Beck.

For the Tea Party, if you don’t believe on every word of the Bible, you’re a Communist; if you don’t believe in creationism, you’re a Communist; if you believe that you care for the less fortunate, you’re a Communist. Very Christian!

Where does the ideology come from? It comes from a man names Dick Armey and his “Freedom Works” in Washington. The big money financing the movement has its own agenda. The corporate donors have jumped on board for their own purposes. The Tea Party even claim Martin Luther King as a symbol!!!

I have always regarded the USA as the land of the free; the stop gap of the free world.

In times of economic trouble extremes come to the fore. Just look at Europe in the 1930’s. The Tea Party claim Abraham Lincoln as “one of them.” Old Abe is spinning in his grave. He fought a war against states rights and racism!

Beck is a demagogue who has made millions from his TV programme. Think what John Adams would say; think what Thomas Jefferson would say. Beck and Palin and their small minded little friends are attempting to re-write history in their own image.

I have just seen Beck infer Palin as the next George Washington.  

Now that is sick!

You are free to disagree with the above just as I am free to say it. It's called freedom! All I ask is listen to your friends!


23 October 2010

Today we hear the usual babble from various union leaders twittering on about the cuts the government have had to make to reduce the present deficit in the country’s finances. It never ceases to amaze me how

 monumentally thick these people can be. They do not seem to understand that you can’t live on tick to the extent of 20% of your spending without the inevitable consequences.  Are they incapable of simple

 arithmetic? Perhaps they need to take their shoes off to use their toes to make the calculations!

It's strange that all the troubles in the country are the government's fault - unfortunately it was THEIR government whose fault it is!!!!!


18 October 2010

It is the first duty of any government to defend its citizens against external threat. Its second duty is to defend its citizens against an internal threat to the people’s freedom. There can be no compromise on this. All else is secondary. The government MUST remember this and failure to do so is a betrayal of the voters that put them into power.

The defence cuts are a mistake that we may very well regret. I voted for this government – I hope I have no reason to repent such a decision.


3 September 2010

Regarding William Hague, one must assume that as members of the British Olympic team share rooms, they must be raving lesbians and homosexuals! I worked most of my working life for a commercial bank and went on residential courses where we shared rooms. Does that bring in to question my sexuality? On one course there were three of us so that would be classed as a homosexual fest!

Comments by two of yesterday’s men, John Redwood and Lord Tebbit are out of order and unhelpful. Redwood is the man who, as Secretary of State for Wales, mimed his way through “Land of my fathers” because he didn’t know the words. As for Tebbit, his record shows he has as much connection with the British public as Marie Antoinette with that of France!

Certain elements of the media and internet need to grow up. I find it ridiculous that a rumour can start without any proof and so quickly assume the status of fact. What’s more, a statement by Mr Hague is taken as providing credibility to the unfounded smear.

If I suggested that a public figure had questionable sexual habits, I could be sued. The media seem to see themselves above the law.

And anyway, if is true, what the hell is it the business of the media!!!


12 August 2010

Once again the idiots at Unite have decided to hold the British public to ransom. Once again these fools completely disregard the interests of the country and the welfare of the British people. The vote to bring part of the workforce of BAA out on strike is a travesty. Of the 6,000 balloted, 2,263 voted for a strike – ONLY HALF OF THOSE BALLOTED EVEN VOTED!

David Cameron needs to pass a law that states that only when more that 50% of the workers involved vote for a motion can it become effective. Not a majority of a minority!!! This may be news to that bastion of neo-communism, the Unite Union, but it’s call democracy.

Once again they are calling out people, putting their jobs at risk but at no risk to their own well paid, comfortable jobs.

I have a two year pay freeze - something I accept is needed in the present state of affairs left by the thankfully late Gordon Brown. There should be a two year pay freeze for all from cleaners in hospitals to CEOs of banks - and of course, union officials!!


 11 June 2010

Further to the note below, it is interesting to note that of the 15 directors of BP, five are American; of the 80,000 employees of the company, 23,000 are American; and 35% of BP is owned by American investors.

 No doubt it is the British bit that has messed up.

10 June 2010

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a tragedy but the pronouncements of the President of the United States, Mr Obama, are uncalled for. Even though the rig in question was operated by a US company, all the

 blame is being thrown at BP. This is in danger of becoming xenophobic and extending to damaging relations with Britain. There is a growing feeling in the UK that the President, probably for domestic reasons, is

 whipping up a campaign of “Kick Johnnie Foreigner!”

He needs to be very careful. In many parts of the world Britain is the USA’s only friend – and you don’t kick your friends. Obama needs to remember Piper Alpha and Bhupal before he starts throwing his toys out

 the pram!

Britain has been playing this game for a thousand years and we have long memories. The next time Obama wants support, we may have to give it closer consideration and I’m sure I speak for many British.


16 May 2010

As we come towards the end of the first week of coalition, it would appear that some of the old, tribal hands on both sides are becoming a little flaky. Charles Kennedy on the Lib Dems and some of the right wing Tories are murmuring over a few sacred cows being sacrificed.

This is no time for tribal, parochial prejudices. This is a time for putting your country’s interest first and not some wishy-washy ideals that may be nice to have in an ideal world but have very little practical application.

If these few muttering dinosaurs mess up, the country will not forgive!

We are in the middle of a financial crisis unprecedented since the 1930’s and the sooner that people accept that there will be pain for everyone before we come out, the better we will be able to succeed.

There is no easy solution. If you imagine earning a salary of, say £30,000 a year, and spending £35,000 a year for 10 years – that’s what Britain has been doing!

12 May 2010

And so, at long last, we have it – a Conservative government. True we have the Lib Dems along for the ride but, as long they honour the agreement, I have no problem with that.

I came down stairs this morning and said to my wife, “Today is a good day!”

It will be extremely hard. I don’t envy George Osborne the task ahead. Unless you have been directly affected or have an interest in financial affairs, the man or woman in the street has no idea of the mess we are in. It frightens me as an old, retired banker and I’ve seen more recessions than most!

I have only one misgiving – now Gordon Brown has gone, I have no one to kick!!

Good luck to Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, Hague, Fox, good old Ken Clarke, Gove and Cable, not forgetting Theresa May!

All power to you. Here’s one vote that will back you all the way!


10 May 2010

This is party politics of the most sordid kind. Brown’s resignation is merely an attempt to cling on to power through the summer as the initial Prime Minister of a Labour – Lib Dem coalition. We will then get yet another un-elected Prime Minister in October.

Meanwhile Clegg and the Lib Dems continue to prostitute themselves around Westminster like some desperate old whore with Alistair Campbell acting as pimp!

David Cameron should set a deadline to Clegg – agree by 10pm tonight or the deal is off.

I reiterate what I said below. Let Clegg go and slaughter both the Labour party and the Lib Dems later in the year.

This is the deadnail for P.R. thank goodness! The British public can see what P.R. would mean.

David Cameron, rise above this, take the high moral ground and let these disgraceful party hacks cobble their government of yesterday’s men – and finish them when they fall.

The British public are not fools. They will see this immoral, bankrupt administration for what it is and throw them out for a generation.

9 May 2010

I am beginning to come round to the opinion that David Cameron should not compromise with the Lib Dems. The Conservatives have six times the number of seats. If there is no agreement, let Nick Clegg go into the arms of Labour. They will have to make the spending cuts and tax rises. If they do, they will take the blast of unpopularity; if they don’t, the markets will crucify them. The Conservatives can end the cobbled government any time they like.

Within a year they will have to return to the country and David Cameron will end up Prime Minister with a good majority. Remember Sir Robert Peel.

8 May 2010

There seems to be a large number of people, who voted Lib Dem, throwing their toys out the pram because the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are taking to each other. To use a fashionable phrase, “Get Real!” If the Lib Dems want Proportional Representation, that’s what will happen after EVERY  general election. Be careful what you wish for!! You can’t have it both ways.

For those who are complaining, “I voted Lib Dem to keep the Tories out, not to go in with them!” More fool you. Vote to elect a government, not to keep one out of office.

For all those Labour voters who insist that Gordon Brown has not lost the election, what part of the loss of almost 100 seats and a 2,000,000 fewer votes than the Conservatives don’t they understand.

Get it clear in your little brains:- 



7 May 2010


Well, there you have it!

The idiot Brown returns to Labour HQ treating an unmitigated defeat as some sort of Roman triumph; pretty-boy Clegg’s bubble has been burst; and Toxic Balls peddles his usual vitriolic rubbish.

There are times in life when the best thing to do is nothing. That’s what David Cameron needs to do. Let Brown scurry about, attempting to cling on to power with overtures to the Lib Dems. Even if successful it looks like both parties will not have an overall majority.

A great Victorian Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel, and father of the Conservative Party, was in this position in May 1841. He refused to form a government. In the July, after another election, he took office in a time of recession and budget deficit, and proved to be one of the most reforming and successful ministries of the 19th century.

All David Cameron need do is wait!!


6 May 2010

Voters of Great Britain 

This is a day of destiny, probably the most momentous general election in a generation.

 The choice is clear. Do you want five more years of the incompetent idiot, Gordon Brown; do you want to place the fate of this great country in the hands of a party led by a pretty boy who is rapidly taking on the mantel of Tony Blair (a sort of Blair II); or do you vote for a party that has hauled this country out of Labour’s mess four time since the Second World War!

 Yes, that’s right – it’s a no-brainer!

 So, get out there and vote Conservative. Don’t put me in the position of saying, “I told you so!,” in a year’s time. Mainly because you know I will!

 It’s your country. Don’t mess it up!!!

Question:- Can you name five Lib.Dem M.P.s? Just a thought!!


29 April 2010

Yesterday, Mrs. Gillian Duffy, a 65 year-old widow and grandmother, left her home in Rochdale to purchase a loaf of bread. A couple of hours later she returned, having, in all innocence, destroyed the political career of Gordon Brown. 

If Brown can insult one of his own, life long supporters, how much contempt has he for the rest of us? There is a large question mark over this man’s sense of judgement. The interview had gone relatively well but he saw it as a “disaster.” “That woman” had every right to express her opinion. After all, Gordon Brown wanted to meet the ordinary voter. He has shown a side of his floored character that must preclude his from continuing as Prime Minister of this country.

Inevitably it was someone else's fault - the poor, Sue!!

 The definition of the word “Bigot” is:- “a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who thinks that anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong”

 There was only one bigot involved in that conversation in Rochdale – Gordon Brown!!


1 April 2010

The Conservatives have pledged to reduce the proposed increase in the National Insurance by the Labour party. Brown and Mandelson regard this as some sort of sin. They need a simple lesson in economics, simple enough to match their simple brains.  

If you have a tax on the employment of people and you increase that tax, then the employers will employ fewer people. That means more people out of work, less income tax being paid, less being spent in the shops so less VAT income, and a lot more social benefits being paid out by the government. It’s a bit like taking £5 billion a year out of people’s pensions and wondering why there are vast holes in pension funds; it’s a bit like selling the country’s gold reserves for $250 an oz. and then seeing the price of gold rise to $1250 an oz.

 So what happens? Twenty-three of Britain’s major companies come out and say that this is a tax on jobs and will damage any recovery from our present economic plight. They include M&S, Sainsbury’s, GlaxoSmithKline, Next, Matalan, Virgin Group, Kingfisher, Harvey Nichols, Mothercare, Bestway and so on.

 And what is the response of that genius of economic and political thought, Lord “I think I’m Wonderful” Mandelson? He says that all these highly experienced, successful captains of industry have been “deceived” by David Cameron!!! Apart from it being a total insult, this is the man who has had to resign, not once but twice, from government for shady practices.

 If the British people vote this load of crooks, charlatans and egotistical cretins back in to power, then they deserve all they get.

 Just don’t blame me!!!


12 March 2010

Further to our dearly beloved Prime Minister's pack of lies before the Chilcot Inquiry, both General Lord Guthrie and Admiral Lord Boyce used the word disingenuous when describing Brown's testimony. Here is a letter sent to the Daily Telegraph:-

"Sir - I was a little unsure of the precise meaning of disingenuous , but my thesaurus helped me out. Choose from the following: 'crafty, deceitful, designing, dishonest, double-dealing, duplicitous, fallacious, false, fraudulent, hypocritical, insincere, treacherous, tricky, two-faced, underhand, untrustworthy.'"

Gordon Brown to the very last letter!!!!!! Well done your lordships!

I am off to Venice for a week but will be returning the day before the British Airways cabin crew go on strike!! This is a strike along the lines of turkeys voting for Christmas. BA is a pension deficit that happens to own an airline; it has made massive losses for several years and these poor, deluded people want to go on strike. BA will be damaged, the cabin crew will forfeit seven day's pay and the customers will be very inconvenienced. When the cabin crew start to loose their jobs who will throw their hands up in surprise? Why, Len McCluskey and his neo-communist team at the Unite Union. Will brother Len be kicked out of his job? No! Will his little friends take a pay cut? No!

Another question - who is one of the largest donors to the Labour Party? Surprise, surprise!! The Unite Union - to the tune of £11m. And the next quiz question? Who is Unite's Political Director? Answer - Charlie Whelan, Gordon Brown's ex-Chief of Staff!!! Oh and in addition, the Labour Government run a scheme to improve union efficiency so how much did Unite receive in taxpayers' money under the scheme? Answer - £400,000!! So, in short, the organisation that is attempting to bring down an icon of British business is also bankrolling the Labour Government!!!!

What was that word again? DISINGENUOUS!!!


7 March 2010

Wasn't it nice to see Gordon Brown in his photo-call trip to Afghanistan in his attempt to take away the focus on his lies to the Chilcot Inquiry? And he produces £100m, like a rabbit out of a hat, to pay for armoured vehicles - vehicles that should have been on call years ago and will, incidentally, take many months to be operational!  He went, he says, to thank our service men and women for their dedication and bravery. Sadly, that thanks does not extend to providing decent kit!!

It is yet another case of using our troops for political reasons. This is the man who went on national TV and wept in a cynical attempt to show the voters his "human" side. Interesting timing!!!

Can you vote for this Charlatan?

5 March 2010

Gordon Brown has just completed his appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry.

Here endth the latest party political broadcast in aid of Gordon Brown's ego. I feel physically sick!!! The Enquiry has let the country down. It didn't ask the right questions and it didn't push for the right answers. The testimony of almost every military witness to the Inquiry is in complete contrast to Brown's.

P.S. Today (06/03/2010) two former Chiefs of the Defence Staff, General Lord Guthrie and Admiral Lord Boyce, say that Gordon Brown has misled the Inquiry. In other words, he lied!!

He is a consummate Charlatan!! 



20 February 2010

Gordon Brown is unveiling the Labour Party's slogan for the coming election - " A fair future for all!"

In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and, the latest, 2010 figures have shown that each year has seen a RECORD gap between rich and poor. The report issue by a government appointed commission states that the gap is at its widest in the 40 years since records began.

Remembering that dear Gordon, that advocate of the working man, the Prime Minister who can cry on TV, the man who say he feels our pain and understands the plight of the poor, has presided over the last 13 years of this wonderful record of achievement.

It is such a relief to hear that Gordon's maxim of " fair future for all" will see us through the next couple of years of crisis. Unfortunately Brown's intention is to close the gap by making every one poor!!!!

The man is a total cretin!

16 January 2010

Gordon Brown stated today that the Conservatives would tax the "Middle Classes" if they got in to power. So what has changed? He has been doing just that for the last 12 years. By definition, if dear Gordon is not going to tax the Middle Classes, can we assume that he would tax the Working Classes instead? He can't tax the rich - there've all left the country!!!

10 January 2010

There is a wide strip of yellow stretching across the government benches in the House of Commons. Once again the cabinet ministers have failed to rid this country of that waste of space, Gordon Brown. Their cowardice means that Britain must endure the continuing ineffectiveness of a dead administration. The recent "plot" put forward the idea of a secret ballot. There should be a secret ballot - it's called a GENERAL ELECTION!! The fact that Gordon Brown is still in office when the whole country, with the possible exception of his wife, would like to see him dispatched to the cesspool of politics, is a tragedy for the country. The man is a useless, incompetent, stupid, nonentity whose single ambition is to cling on to office. It is amazing that a human being can continue then he is so universally loathed.

29 December 2009

So Britain will “get a slap in the mouth,” according to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki. This goes to show the mentality of the thugs in charge, however shakily, of Iran. Have you noticed that when a rubbish regime has trouble with the support of its own people, they frantically search for an external “enemy” to blame. It’s an old trick that everyone recognizes and it no longer works.  

The whole world is behind the protesters, not just Britain.


28 December 2009

With the dawning of 2010, we live in exciting times. The certainty of a General Election by the beginning of June will hopefully see the back of the present disastrous Brown government and the consigning of Gordon Brown to the dustbin of political history. Should the British people have a bout of collective insanity and return the incompetence idiot to power, then God help us all!! 

Iran continues on the gradual road to chaos with nine killed in the last 24 hours in anti-government demonstrations. The consolation is that Ahmadinejad and his religious backers in the form of the ultra fundamentalist, Ali Khamenei, are fighting a battle they cannot win. The people will have their way and this gang of religious thugs will be thrown out and brought to book. They have a tiger by the tail and it is the fear of letting go that will drag them ever closer to destruction. The rigging of elections is always the first sign of this fear. No dictator lasts forever – they all eventually fall and their departure is usually violent and bloody. When will they learn? Iran has the Supreme Leader, the President and the Council of Guardians (most of which is appointed by the Supreme Leader). These are all above the Parliament which is “elected” by the people. These power-hungry clerics will learn that there is only one supreme leader in any country and that is the will of the population – not some old, bearded, religious fanatic who thinks he has a monopoly on right and by right.

 There are two further specters at the feast of 2010. Russia, with Tsar Putin in charge, has a pragmatic policy towards the rest of the world. The West needs to realise that anything done by the present regime must be viewed with suspicion and an agenda is usually tucked away in the shadows. The Russian government is not stupid, just devoured of any moral principles!

 As for China, this is a strange phenomenon. We have a communist regime with a capitalist economy. Without a communist economy, the government looses its reason for existence and becomes just another dictatorship back up by military might, similar to any South American banana republic. With economic freedom comes the call for political freedom. It will take a while. Capitalism inevitably brings about a division of wealth – some gain, more do not. The country is ruled by a small group of old men whose mindset it still on the Great March with Mao. The great thing about reform is that you can’t say, “I want to stop now!” Once started, reform has a mind of its own. Over the next few years the Chinese oligarchy will learn that lesson to their cost.

 That’s enough for the moment from the thoughts of Chairman Alan!! The great thing about politics is that everyone’s an expert!

 I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.


13 December 2009

This last week has seen the Pre-budget Statement from the Government. Much has been made of the "tax on Bankers," which is easily avoidable, ineffectual and a mere drop in the ocean. The fanfare is purely a means of covering up the increase in the rate of National Insurance which is, effectively, a tax on jobs.

Once again the Government has ignored the need to reduce the monumental deficit. Indeed, they have increased it by further cosmetic giveaways. It has since transpired that the Treasury wanted to reduce spending but this was overruled directly by Gordon Brown. Why? To protect his job. People are being thrown out of work all over the country but that's fine as long as Gordon can rig the figures to ensure his own future. His greatest fear is that the British people will learn the truth and see through the lies this peddler of deceit has been telling us.

If it wasn't so tragic it would be amusing to see the self-satisfied grins on the faces of Brown and Harriet Harman as the flanked Darling while he delivered the drivel. What have they got to grin about? The country's going to hell in a bucket and they find it amusing?

I pray that the citizens of this country have the good sense to throw Brown and his crew in to oblivion for ever. Brown should never be allowed to run a thrift club, let alone a country.

18 November 2009

Well, it’s official – this lame-duck government is now a dead duck. How dare Brown drag Her Maj out in the cold for such a pointless exercise. In 1997 Blair said that he thought it was disgusting that pensioners should have to sell their homes to pay for their care. In 2009 Gordon Brown said that he thought it was disgusting that pensioners should have to sell their homes to pay for their care. So, call me stupid, but has anything changed in twelve years? In 1997 Blair said “Education, Education, Education.” In 2009 Brown is saying that schools should be more responsive to parents. Is there an echo in here??!!

Brown seems to think that by passing a bill, it provides a “firm and binding statuary basis” for the government’s promise to halve its budget deficit within four years. A piece of paper passing through parliament does not make things happen. Lower spending and higher taxes are the only ways to halve the deficit. And this is only to reduce the deficit, not repay it. That according to the government is going to take until 2032!! I am 61 now so that makes me 84 by the time this country has finished paying for this disaster of a government. My two sons will be approach retirement age.

We should have a national holiday, it doesn’t matter when, so that we can build bonfires and burn effigies of Gordon Brown. After all, he’s done far more damage to this country than ever Guy Fawkes could have achieved.

I have a suggestion for the next Stephen King horror novel – it can be called “Five more years of Gordon Brown.”


1 November 2009

Well, there goes the final illusion. I had though that Alan Johnson might, just might, be the only member of the government that perhaps had two brain cells to rub together. Sadly not!! He is convinced that he knows more about the classification of drugs than the 24 top national experts in the subject. 

It must be very comforting to be so assured in one’s own ignorance.

There is only one word for our esteemed Home Secretary – PRAT!!!



Gordon Brown stated at the Labour party Conference that if you are looking for a party that represents of true face of modern Britain today then vote for Labour! Presumably he is referring to the fact that the country is screwed up and broke!

He also said that he could not stand by as people are losing their jobs. I agree. I think he should show empathy with these unfortunate citizens and join them. The sooner the better.


Now we know how much the 270 Lockerbie lives are worth – about £15 billion!

 It now appears that the return of the Libyan terrorist, or the mechanism for his return, was a direct consequence of British interests; in other words an oil deal between Libya and BP.

 I thought this government could not stoop lower than it already had, but no. Now we see why Brown was so silent over the affair; now we can fathom the over energetic denials from the arch crook, Mandelson.

 Gordon Brown has brought untold shame to this country. I would back independence for Scotland just to get rid of this lying, hypocritical, incompetent disaster of a human being. You could teach a monkey to govern better than him!

 Words fail me to describe my contempt for this moron and his gang of dishonest, pathetic, cowardly fools. I say, cowardly, because no one in the Labour Party has the courage to throw the cur out of office.

 Brown has no moral viewpoint because he is divested of all morals! His only consideration is to cling on to office at any cost. I look forward to next year when I will take great delight in seeing this entity being dragged, screaming and kicking, out of 10, Downing Street. It cannot come too soon!


From the number of emails I receive, I know this website has a considerable US patronage. Let me make it perfectly clear that the vast majority of the British people, including the Scots, feel that Megrahi should never have been released from prison. Most of us listened in disbelief to the statement by Macaskill.

If it turns out that the Brown / Mandelson comedy act brought pressure on the Scottish government to release the terrorist, it merely confirms how urgent it is to remove this gaggle of incompetents (see below).

Please don't judge the people of the UK by these cretins!


Sir Bobby Robson (1933-2009) - A true gent and a legend.


Once again Gordon Brown shows his complete inability to grasp even the basics of economic principle and control. For the last 12 years the FSA has supposedly monitored and regulated the banking system in the UK. This duty was taken away from the Bank of England when Brown became Chancellor.

 The tripartite system of the Treasury, FSA and Bank of England eventually fulfilled the expectations of most of those in the know last year when the FSA threw its hands in the air in complete surprise when the banking system crash in to a brick wall! Most of us realised that the FSA was not fulfilling the function of a regulatory body but was a glorified consumer protection organisation. The FSA knew nothing about banking, even less about economics and its upper levels was staffed by failed bankers or Brown cronies!

 A few days ago Darling came out with the grand plan to bring stability and regulation to the banks. What it amounted to was a few ineffectual changes to an already failed system.

 When Gordon Brown was challenged as to why he was not putting control of the banking system back under the Bank of England he brought out the old chestnut of BCCI. Granted, the Bank of England should have acted quicker to spot the frauds going on inside BCCI. This is ONE partial error on behalf of the Bank of England in hundreds of years of successful vigilance. Brown’s hotchpotch presided over the near collapse and meltdown of the entire banking system!

 The man is clearly a fool!

 Further more, in an interview in today’s Daily Telegraph, Lord Malloch-Brown, a resigning Foreign Office minister, referring to Afghanistan, stated, “We definitely don’t have enough helicopters. When you have these modern insurgent strikes what you need, above all else, is mobility.” A half an hour before Gordon Brown was due to start his monthly press conference, Lord Malloch-Brown withdrew his statement!!! He was obviously “got at” by Brown’s thugs in the Whips Office. Brown must think that the British public came down with the last shower of rain! He doesn’t even have the intelligence to be dishonest with the voters! Brown is quite simply playing politics with the lives of our soldiers.

 To paraphrase Henry II in 1170, “Who will rid us of this pestilent government?”



When revolutionary religion becomes mixed with politics you eventually get inefficient government, totalitarianism and, ultimately, counter-revolution. Politics is all about logic, common sense and practicality. Religion has none of these. Religion is based on the overwhelming certainty that the practitioner is right – no matter what! It does not entertain counter argument, it does not consider reason, it cannot conceive the possibility that it might be in error. Place that in a political context and you have complete disaster, both for the people and the country. Add to that an urge to spread the message and you have a global threat! 

This is what is happening in Iran. It would be like the Archbishop of Canterbury having veto and sanction over all legislation passing through parliament. 

People need reasons for their conditions. The fanatics do not have the intelligence to see that their subjection of the people merely builds a greater resentment and eventual hatred. Once this reaches a peak, events can move extremely quickly. Look at Romania in 1989. One minute Ceauşescu was waving to the crowd, the next he was up against a wall being shot!

 The West should sit back and wait!



If you hold an election and you know it has been rigged, the Opposition knows it's rigged, the rest of the world knows it's rigged, then why bring thousands out on to the streets to celebrate a great victory? Who are you trying to kid - if not yourself?

Just a thought!!!!



Rants can be good as well as bad, so here is a GOOD rant!!

I am a massive fan of Katherine Jenkins. I have all her CDs, DVDs, I’m a member of her online fan club and have even created my own Katherine Jenkins calendar for my study/computer room/spare bedroom!!

Last night I went to “An Evening with Katherine Jenkins” at the RHS gardens at Wisley. It was the very first time I have seen her live, on stage. She was brilliant! I’m in my 60’s and I can’t think of a better example of amazing talent and extraordinary beauty being combined in the form of one individual. To cap it all Katherine is such a down-to-earth, lovely person. Katherine doesn’t disappoint, she excels!!! She was well supported by All Angels.

It was a very special evening and one I will remember for many years to come.

A ray of sunshine in a troubled world!

Thank you Katherine



 Well, there we have it!

 The most unpopular individual in Great Britain continues to cling to power as a drowning man to a piece of driftwood.

 As for Miliband, Straw, Johnson etc., are they mice or man? Can they not see that they do no favours to the Labour Party and certainly not the country? The Labour Party without Gordon Brown will probably still be defeated in the next election but will remain a political force; the Labour Party with Gordon Brown will be slaughtered! The whole of the Parliamentary Labour Party will be able to travel to Parliament in one of London Transport’s bendy buses!

 What must the people of this country do to get rid of this Prime Minister? As Chancellor he sole £5billion a year from your pension funds, sold our gold reserves for peanuts, threw money at the NHS, education and welfare with little obvious improvement and removed the regulation of the banks from the Bank of England and placed it in the hands of the FSA, an organisation that knew little of banking and less of economics. He even went round a couple of years ago, ringing hands and kissing babies, when large parts of the midlands were flooded, while, as Chancellor, it was him who cut the funding for flood defences!!

 He is a coward, a bully and an incompetent. There is a school of thought that says that the best scenario for the Conservative Party would be for Gordon Brown to stay!! Purely from a party political point of view, this could be so, but for the good of the country? I don’t think so.

 Let’s see what the country thinks in the local and European elections. No doubt this idiot will ignore the will of the people and struggle on with his band of sycophantic cowards!!!



Every constituency party should sit down with their sitting MP and examine all his or her expenses over the last four years. If, in the opinion of the local party, the MP has made unjustified claims then they should be de-selected. A new candidate would then be selected from LOCAL party members and not from some centrally determined list of approved people chosen by party central office. That way the successful candidate will truly represent the people who voted for them!

 All MPs must have a primary residence in the constituency and the state should purchase a number of blocks of flats within easy reach of Parliament, which would be adequately furnished, and allocated to each MP.

 No mortgage interest, no furniture purchases, no swimming pools, no moats, no hanging baskets, no plugs etc.

 Problem solved!!!!



As the cesspool of the House of Commons continues to bubble with corruption – where is Guy Fawkes when we need him!!


Brown’s regime, I will not give it the credit of calling it a government, has hit rock bottom. Not only is it incompetent, it has now proved itself to be corrupt, dishonest and riven with the very worst of propaganda, filth and lies. Gordon Brown, of course, knows nothing. He sits assuming the attitude of the three wise monkeys. It would appear that this pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister has selective ignorance! He employs “Special Advisers,” paid for by the taxpayer, to subvert the democratic system of this country, while denying all knowledge. This smacks of the Nixon White House and we all know what happened there. The captain of a ship is responsible for the actions and conduct of his officers, whether he is on the bridge or asleep in his cabin. Denial of knowledge cannot be a denial of responsibility!

And so to the Budget!! One would be forgiven for thinking, like Bobby Ewing in Dallas, you had banged your head and been unconscious for 40 odd years, waking up in the mid-1960’s. New Labour has cast off its modern clothing and become Old Labour again, retrieving the cloth cap from behind the door – let’s tax the rich they all cry!! It didn’t work in the 60’s and it will not work now. When the new rules on pensions are taken into consideration, who is going to hang around in a country that takes 60% of your income – just for being successful!

 Darling has forecast that the British economy will contract by 3.5% in 2009 but will grow by 1.5% in 2010. Within minutes the I.M.F. predicted a contraction of 4.1% in 2009 and a further contraction in 2010. As recently as November last year Darling said the government borrowing up to 2013 would amount to £120 billion, now he says it will grow to £606 billion. If the government can get it that wrong in 6 month, can they be trusted on any other figures? I don’t think so!

It will take a generation to pay off this massive debt. Your grandchildren will still be paying in the 2030’s. The above figures only run true if the government have got their sums right, but, to quote Darling, “It is very difficult to be absolutely certain as to what will happen.” On their present record Brown and Darling couldn’t work their way out of a paper bag!

 Darling has bottled it. He knows he should be cutting spending now to start repaying this monumental borrowing. Perhaps he realises that after next spring it will no longer be his problem. Once again the Conservatives will have to drag this country back from disaster. This will be the third time since the Second World War that they have had to put right Labour's ineptitude. When will the voters learn?

 The sooner we consign this government, led by an incompetent and populated by a crew of gravy train ministers, to the dustbin of history, the better.

It cannot come too soon!!!

 P.S. It has just been announced that the fall in the GDP for the first three months of 2009 is 1.9%. What price 3.5% for the whole years now!!!


P.P.S. Leaks coming from Treasury sources say that Alistair Darling wanted to be far more aggressive regarding cuts on spending but this was vetoed by Gordon Brown. Brown feared this would lead to disaster in the next General Election! So Gordon Brown puts his job BEFORE the welfare of the country. Is there no limit to this man's ego??!