A History of


For several years I have produced a short piece of writing on a monthly basis, mainly on history, as a trivia item for work colleagues. At the start of 2011 I struck on the idea of doing a series of articles on 1066 entitled A Year of Destiny. This proved popular so I have extended it to continue from 1066, through time, to tell the story of the Middle Ages in England. History is a continuing story and not chopped up into false chunks. What has gone before influences what follows.

So this is where it starts:-


A Year of Destiny

1. The Dawning

2. Hardrada

3. William the Bastard (1)

4. William the Bastard (2)

5. Stamford Bridge

6. Senlac Field

7. The Aftermath


The House of Normandy


1. Children of the Conqueror

2. Henry Beauclerc, King of England

3. Etienne de Blois

4. The Great Anarchy (1) - A Family Affair

5. The Great Anarchy (2) - Taking Sides

6. The Great Anarchy (3) - Tit for Tat

7. The Great Anarchy (4) - A New Star Rises

8. The Great Anarchy (5) - The End Game


The Plantagenets

A New Dynasty

Henry and the Law