Castile 10

  • Anna Maria Moncado d’Aragona, * 1616, +, Md., Francisco de Moura y Contereal, Marquess di Castel Rodrigo, 1st Duke di Nocera, + 1675.
  • A1. Eleanora de Moura d’Aragona, 2nd Duchess di Nocera, * 1641, + 1706, Md. 1664, Angelo de Gusman, Viceroy of Sicily, * 1640, + 1677.
  • A2. Giovanna de Moura d’Aragona, 3rd Duchess di Nocera, * 1650, + 1707, Md. 1668, Guglielmo Pio di Savoia, 2nd Prince di San Gregorio, + 1676.
    This very large section has taken almost a month to research. It consists primarily of Spanish and Italian families. It is by no means complete; there are many dates and updates missing. If anyone can help fill the gaps please contact me!!!!